Green Tempers Environmental Awareness Initiative is a non-profit organisation with a focus on utilizing natural elements and resources in sustainable ways. These include, but are not limited to, human and minerals resources. Natural health and wellness, for humanity and the environment at large, ensures that all of biodiversity is progressively tending to a place of perfect balance. Experts in water foot-printing (WFP), carbon foot-printing (CFP), overall life cycle assessments (LCAs), eco-friendly fabrications, nanotechnologies, neuropsycho- & aroma-therapies, environmental law, etc. The media remains the useful platform for advocacy in all ramifications.

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Directors of GREEN TEMPERS INITIATIVE, South Africa [REF: 177-853 NPO] registered September 2016

Tony-Paterson-197x280 Tony Paterson (PhD, UMIST)

Professor, Materials Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand

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sehliselo.ndlovu 2

Sehliselo Ndlovu (PhD, ICL)

Associate Professor, Materials Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand

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Geoffrey Simate (PhD, WITS)

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand



michelle.low 2

Michelle Low (PhD, WITS)

Lecturer, Chemical Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand




Damilola MacGregor (MSc, WITS)

Post-Grad, Materials Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand

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Incorporated Trustees of GREEN TEMPERS INITIATIVE, Nigeria [CAC/IT/NO 44085] registered March 2011

dr. asekun 3Olayinka T. Asekun (PhD, Ibadan)

Associate Professor, Chemistry

University of Lagos

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prof. mowete 2Alex I. Mowete (PhD, Unilag)

Professor, Electrical Engineering

University of Lagos

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dr. emmanuel

Babatunde E. Emmanuel (PhD, Unilag)

Senior Lecturer, Marine Biology

University of Lagos

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prof mereniAnthony E. Mereni (PhD, Salzburg)

Professor, Musicology/Therapy

University of Lagos

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Mrs. King-Paul 2Margaret O. King-Paul (MA, Ibadan)

Coordinator, Radio-Unilag

University of Lagos



dr. agunsoye

Johnson O. Agunsoye (PhD, Unilag)

Senior Lecturer, Materials Engineering

University of Lagos


Luminaries in support of GREEN TEMPERS INITIATIVE