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The aim of the GreenTempers Group is to repress, then harness the intrinsic powers of the Sea, Sun, Wind and Minerals. Elements that are out-of-control will be used constructively (through sequestration, reuse and recycle) while untapped natural resources are gradually recovered.

The prevalent temper in the global climate affects the environment; thereby humans. Whether or not natural disasters are truly 'natural', it is crucial to bring them all under control, and then beam their power into constructive use. As such, the principal philosophy is about sustaining an unbreakable chain between the Human, Animal, Plant and the Inanimate material world; channeling waste and climate change for good through informed remedial schemes.

NATURE'S CARDINALS...making clear the Blueprint!


Nature's Cardinals

She runs temperature; her veins are under stress.
Mother-Nature runs temperature; the heat generates sound!

Hand on LEFT side: Mother-Nature holds the earth in position, as perfectly created and completely endowed from the beginning.

Hand on RIGHT side: Man's quest for a more civilized planet, howbeit 'under-informed', drives him in reckless hunger and [perhaps] greed. This births trouble in what used to be perfect biodiversity, causing an absolute shift from the "balance" in which the earth had always flourished from the beginning.


The Paradigm: Much as there's been a downswing from nature's cardinal standards, hope is yet held high for our generation to seek the ultimate formula to make clear Mother-Nature's original intent for the earth. After all, we need her more than she could ever need us.

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Oratorio of Colours

Green; colour of Nature!   White; essence of Purity!

Green Tempers...containing Mother-Nature's Embers.


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