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Nature beams energy in every direction!

 Imagine a world of perfect balance!

...a world in which 'used' items (eggshells, bottles, cans, paper, etc) are recycled and not discarded as waste; where households generate their own energy renewably; where nano-particles play the classic role of bomblets in destroying cancerous cells; where efficacious therapeutic items become ubiquitous and intellectual know-how has big market value; where coatings storm the fabric/fashion world; where eco-friendly and health-consciousness policies preponderate profit (from design to manufacturing) and bio-remediation reverses climate change.

People are increasingly empowered, from both technical and behavioural standpoints, to play their roles in sustainability. Objectives include natural health (preventative and corrective), energy conservation (inclusive of Water Foot-Printing), environmental preservation (inclusive of Carbon Foot-Printing) and harnessing natural resources in the earth.

Many claim that 'Science is science' and 'Art is art'. Through the ages, however, we find that sound lies at the heart of all matter. Everything in Nature actually 'vibrates'; from structure to texture, language to colour. The four known elements of nature are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Music, the fifth element, has been left out. Music [in itself] is a perfect interplay between Sound and Silence. Therefore, though both Scientific and Artistic eyes, the beauty in all creation confirms [without an iota of debate] that life really is a "musical"!

GREEN TEMPERS...containing Mother-Nature's embers!